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Commercial Automatic Door Inspections


Kansas City Automatic Door Inspections

Automatic Door Systems provides commercial door inspections for your Kansas City business. Automatic commercial door inspections are critical to ensure that automatic doors are working properly. Doors, frames and hardware play a pivotal role in keeping people in Kansas City safe under many circumstances, from fire and smoke protection to providing safety through access control. Call us for automatic door inspections in Kansas City.

Annual Fire-Rated Door Inspections Are Required by Law

Fire rated doors are now required to have an annual documented inspection based on your local codes. We have an AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified door inspector on staff to handle any automatic door inspection needs. We provide the following services:

• Field fire door and frame labeling

• Annual fire door inspections

• AAADM automatic door inspections

Automatic Door Inspections Are the Building Owner’s Responsibility

In the U.S., the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requires annual inspections of fire-rated door and frame assemblies. According to building and fire codes, annual fire door inspections are the responsibility of the building owner. The final say on the acceptance of any inspection requires the approval of the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction). Included in the inspection is the door itself, plus other key components including the frame, fire exit hardware, door closers, hinges, locks and door bolts. Our inspector will check the following guidelines for safety required by the NFPA:

• Holes or openings on the surface of the door itself

• Door frame, hinges, hardware and threshold are stable, aligned, and working properly.

• No parts are missing or broken

• No labels are missing

• Improper gaps – door clearances do not exceed maximum distance acceptable

• Self-closing device is operational and door closes completely

• Proper operation of the door coordinator (inactive leaf closes before the inactive leaf)

• Latching hardware operates and secures the door when closed

• There are no auxiliary hardware items installed that interfere with door operation

• No modifications have been performed on the door assembly that void the label

• All gasketing and edge seals are present and in good condition

Automatic Door Systems in Kansas City has an AAADM certified door inspector on staff who can inspect your doors and ensure you meet the NFPA Guidelines. Call us today to schedule a commercial automatic door inspection for your Kansas City business. Call Automatic Door Systems at (913) 384-DOOR (3667).

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Door Brands We Service:

  • Horton Automatic Doors
  • Record Automatic Doors
  • Besam Automatic Doors
  • Gyrotech Automatic Doors
  • Stanley Automatic Doors
  • Dorma Automatic Doors
  • Hunter Automatic Doors
  • Keane Monroe Automatic Doors

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