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Commercial Automatic Doors in Kansas City

Commercial automatic doors are a smart investment for your Kansas City business. Many business owners find that the cost of installing an automatic door is quickly recouped by an improved customer experience and rapid financial return. Installing commercial automatic doors at your business has many advantages:

Why Does Your Kansas City Business Need Automatic Doors?

Automatic Door Control installation and repair in Kansas City, MO.

There are many good reasons to install commercial automatic doors besides increasing convenience. Here is a list of benefits of having automatic doors on your Kansas City business:

  • Convenience: Automatic doors reduce the aggravation and inconvenience of struggling to open a heavy, manual door. This shows your customers that you care about their convenience. According to an AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) consumer study, most respondents suggested that automatic doors are a convenience they think should be offered by a business. They show good customer service for anyone with their hands full, or even with children.
  • Image: Automatic doors can help you look like a leader. An automatic door gives the impression that your business is state of the art and up with the times.
  • Customer Preference: In an AAADM study, 98.9% prefer automatic doors over manual doors. They found them most important at hospitals, airports, hotels, retail shops and mall entrances.
  • Easy to Own, Use, & Maintain: Automatic doors are manufactured according to high quality standards. Today’s sophisticated doors are basically self-sufficient. They are easy to own, use and maintain and will provide trouble-free operation for years.
  • Energy Savings: Automatic doors can save on energy bills because they close automatically so they can’t be left open accidentally letting heat or cold out of the building. They also ensure that the door will shut completely keeping conditioned air inside as well.
  • ADA Compliance: The Americans with Disabilities Act guarantees that handicapped people can enter any building with little effort, in spite of their physical disability. Many businesses had to install ADA-compliant automatic doors to avoid breaking the law.
  • Fire and Smoke Door Applications: In case of fire, this door shuts and offers a high degree of fire protection.
  • Security: If you want limited access to your building, we can install doors that require keycards for entry.

Which Kind of Automatic Door Does Your Business Need?

There are basically three types of commercial automatic doors – swinging, sliding, and revolving. There are other aspects you must look at when choosing a door like traffic, security/access, the opening size, etc. There are basically three traffic levels:

  1. High Traffic Automatic Doors: If more than two people per minute will be moving through the opening, or if you have cart traffic (grocery stores), or doors weighing up to approximately 150 pounds, per moving panel, you’ll want high-traffic doors.
  2. Medium Traffic: If you will have one person per minute moving through the opening and doors usually weighing less than 125 pounds per moving panel.
  3. Low traffic: If you have one (1) person every five minutes moving through the opening and for doors weighing less than 125 pounds per moving panel.

Automatic Door Daily Safety Checks

Commercial automatic door owners should be sure that someone is responsible for daily safety checks on each door. It does not matter when you conduct your daily safety checks, but it is a good idea to get in the habit of doing them at the same time every day. Often owners conduct the checks each morning when the power is turned on to the door system. If there is a problem, Automatic Door Systems will be there to repair your automatic door ASAP.

If your Kansas City business needs automatic doors installed or repaired, either for convenience or ADA compliance, call Automatic Door Systems at (913) 384-DOOR (3667) for professional installation and repair.

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