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Commercial Automatic Door Systems in Kansas City

Having an automatic door is extremely convenient for your business’s customers and employees, but you must have a professional installation from a trained technician in Kansas City, Mo. Fortunately, our company specializes in the installation and replacement of automatic doors at commercial properties, and we are available quickly to repair broken mechanisms, replace broken door hardware and maintain door security systems. At Automatic Door Systems, we are able to provide service for numerous brands of doors including:

  • Besam
  • Dorma
  • Gyrotech
  • Horton Automatics
  • Hunter
  • Keane Monroe
  • Record
  • Stanley

Our Technicians Repair Many Different Styles of Automatic Doors

Our service vans and warehouses are filled with the equipment and parts necessary to fix an assortment of doors including:

  • Swinging doors – located businesses
  • Sliding doors – located in retail establishments and medical facilities
  • Revolving doors – located in banks and hotels
  • Fire-rated doors – located in public buildings and manufacturing plants

New and Replacement Door Installation

We have a full-service company that can install or maintain doors in addition to consulting with clients concerning the best equipment required for a new building or remodel of an older one. Most of our customers do not understand how complex doors are until the item is broken or they attempt to install one on their own. Our technicians know how to measure doorways exactly to ensure the devices will open and close efficiently.

Reasons to Install Automatic Doors

There are great reasons to have doors on a building that do not require opening manually. In today’s dangerous world, door security systems are vital to avoid theft, vandalism and assault, and our company can select keycard doors for your building. Here are reasons why customers contact us to learn more about swinging and sliding doors:

  • Protection from smoke and fire – doors close or open automatically
  • Americans with Disabilities Act – meeting government compliance requirements
  • Reduction of heating and cooling bills – because doors close between customers
  • Warranties – manufacturers provide protection when parts break
  • Keeping customers happy – people enjoy the convenience of these doors
  • Professional image – helps to make a business look high-class
  • Convenience – easy-to-open doors despite pushing grocery carts

Automatic Door Installation and Inspection Services

Our technicians can analyze a business’s needs to determine the best type of door needed based on the average daily traffic of customers. Another service that we provide is inspection from a technician certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers.

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Free Estimates

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Door Brands We Service:

  • Horton Automatic Doors
  • Record Automatic Doors
  • Besam Automatic Doors
  • Gyrotech Automatic Doors
  • Stanley Automatic Doors
  • Dorma Automatic Doors
  • Hunter Automatic Doors
  • Keane Monroe Automatic Doors

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